Sasha Varlamau: They just cut me down to size

Euroradio: What will be the first thing you will do at large?

Sasha Varlamau: I’d like to go to church and take a bath. I need to improve my health. I hope God gives me some work to do. I don’t think I am expected to return to the world of fashion now. People still have something to wear even without my contribution.

Euroradio: You saw that many people who attended the first hearings stopped coming later. Did you feel cheated?

Sasha Varlamau: Those who did something bad know it very well. They have nothing to say. Don’t they understand what they did? Are they children? There is such a thing as the divine scourge. Those who played a bad part know about it.

Euroradio: Are you satisfied with the court’s decision?

Sasha Varlamau: I hoped to be acquitted. But… they released me. This is the most important thing. I do not refuse from my last plea and I do not consider myself guilty. I am proud of the work I did. God has helped me endure this trial. I have to become strong and learn to be free again. I want to stay free. And they… just cut me down to size.

Sasha Varlamau has been sentenced to 5 years of restriction of liberty and confiscation of property. Varlamau has also been forbidden to occupy executive positions for 2 years and will have to pay compensation.

The fashion designer spent more than 2 years in prison; he was arrested in May 2011. His trial started in February 2013.

Varlamau at large (photo report)

Photo: Euroradio