Sasha Varlamau

Euroradio asks fashion designer Sasha Varlamau about his first minutes of freedom.

One year in jail is equal to two years of restriction of liberty. The fashion designer spent 26 months in jail.

Fashion designer Sasha Varlamau gets five years of restricted freedom and confiscation of property but without imprisonment.

Varlamau has been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. However, the time he has already spent in jail has been doubled and taken into account.

The fashion designer hopes for a fair sentence, uses evangelical images and says his strength is running out.

The famous Belarusian fashion designer has made his last plea in court.

A Minsk court has adjourned the case of fashion designer Sasha Varlamau until July 5 when the defendant is to make his last plea.

The public prosecutor has asked to send him to top-security prison and confiscate his property.

The hearing of prominent fashion designer's criminal case is already two times longer than the metro blast trial.