High-profile trials in Belarus

Henadz Fyadynich and Ihar Komlik. Photo: spring96.org​

Henadz Fyadynich and Ihar Komlik receive four years of restricted liberty for tax evasion.

Frenchman Jolan Viaud's intepreter: Photo from Radio Svaboda's video stream.

Jolan Viaud told reporters upon release he could revisit Belarus when the current head of state is no longer in the office.

Photo: Jolan Viaud released in a courtroom. Screenshot from Radio Svaboda's video stream.

A court in Belarus finds Frenchman Jolan Viaud not guilty of an intention to smuggle a live cartridge across the border.

Photo: YouTube

Stanislau Hancharou aka Terror Machine was detained in Belarus after having fought in eastern Ukraine.

Photo: Syarhei Hudzilin

He was dazzled and beaten on the legs in his cell.

The blogger tried for porno in his text about 'Russian world' was found guilty but completed his sentence while in pretrial jail.

The prominent pro-independence blogger walks free after receiving a sentence - 1 year and 9 months of restricted freedom.

The blogger is standing a closed trial.

He is accused of arousing hostility and distribution of pornography.