Artsiom Martynovich


Yahor Liotau, 30 received death sentence for murdering a prison cell mate.

Photo:, Zmitser Savelyeu

The mill near Halsany was up for grabs to investors but the collective farm director decided to use it for firewood.

Andrei Byalyauski in court. Photo: Euroradio

Andrei Byalyauski who was investigated in the White Legion case stood a fresh trial in Minsk's Leninski District Court.

Belarus Partisan co-founder Sviatlana Kalinkina

Belarus Partisan's administrators say they are yet to see a document explaining why access to their website was blocked.

A BPS-Sberbank lottery session. Image:

The law says the organizer’s employees are not allowed to participate in lottery games.


The general subcontractor says they would be happy to supply cheaper flagpoles.

Photo: Euroradio

FC BATE sue the fan 'in order to stop negative tendencies'; will give 5000 euros recovered to a charity.

Trial after the March 25 rally. Photo: Euroradio.

Bealrus MPs propose to remove the 'bad language' clause from the provision that deals with hooliganism in the Administrative Code.

Hanna Bakhtsina. Photo:

The lawyer who defends many opposition activists says her license was invalidated on far-fetched grounds.