Dynamo stadium explains why 20 flagpoles will cost $550K

Photo: Belultras.by
Photo: Belultras.by

20 flagpoles for the Dynamo stadium in Minsk currently under reconstruction may be purchased for $550 thousand, according to the public tender published on the website of state procurement orders.

This amount emerged during… a market research, Euroradio has learned from Budtrest No 1, the contractor that deals with procurement.

“The flagpole has a project design. We have spent six month in vain tring to locate the manufacturer. We have checked everywhere from England to India. We carried out a market research, sent out the brief and received price quotations for this product. We can buy cheaper, if we get cheaper offers. One flagpole is 19 meters high made of special stainless steal not manufactured in the post-Soviet countries. We are procuring in accordance with the project design."

Budtrest No 1 says they would be happy to buy other flagpoles if there were another project design. But redesining the project at this stage is almost unrealistic.

The launch of the reconstructed Dynamo stadium in Minsk is scheduled for the summer of 2018. In 2019, the stadium will host the 2nd European Games.