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BATE to make fan with white-red-white flag repay €5000 UEFA fine

Photo: Euroradio

BATE was fined for 5 thousand euro because a fan with a white-red-white flag had run out to the pitch during BATE- Arsenal match. However, the fan may have to pay this fine instead of the club. BATE administration are going to sue Alyaksandr Venherski who has already served his sentence in jail. The club is going to do it to prevent similar incidents in the future, BATE spokesperson Syarhei Dashkevich told Euroradio.

Dashkevich“There is a negative tendency. We were playing Naftan when another fan did the same. It does not matter whether they have a flag or not. It is not allowed for security reasons.”

BATE has already tried suing a fan this way but the club decided to meet fans’ desires and paid the fine in the end. If this appeal is satisfied, FC BATE will spend the money on charity.