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Belarusian Partisan comments on website blocking

Belarus Partisan co-founder Sviatlana Kalinkina

Sviatlana Kalinkina“We have not received any messages, warning or remarks. I can only think about three events that preceded the blocking. Firstly, SB.Belarus Today published absolutely false information saying that owner of Belarusian Partisan Zmitser Halko has run away to Ukraine. However, he is not the owner and has not written anything for our website for 6 months. Secondly, we made a presentation saying that the Belarusian authorities should resist the Russian propaganda. Thirdly, we published an article about the new alignment of forces around the President’s eldest son Victar Lukashenka. These events preceded the blocking.”

Svyatlana Kalinkina is planning to find out what has been violated and what should be corrected by the editorial staff.

The Ministry of Information blocked the Belarusian Partisan website ( on 15 December citing 'regular publication of materials containing forbidden information.'