White Legion's Andrei Byalyauski pleads guilty over cartridge possession

Andrei Byalyauski in court. Photo: Euroradio
Andrei Byalyauski in court. Photo: Euroradio

Andrei Byalyauski who was involved in the White Legion case on 11 January stood another trail in Minsk's Leninski District Court. He pled guilty of illegal possession of a service cartridge.

Andrei Byalyauski: “I bought a Grand Cherokee in Recyca in early summer of 2013 and brought the car to Minsk. Several weeks had passed until I found that cartridge. I found it under the back seat. I decided to keep it as a souvenir and brought home. I did not plan to use it.”

Byalyauski’s mother refused to testify in court.

Byalyauski was detained in March 2017 (KGB found the cartridge in his flat during a search). He spent 2.5 months in jail as a person involved in the so-called “White Legion case”. The case was closed later. Byalyauski was accused of preparing a mass riot and setting up an illegal armed unit. Other people involved in that case were also present in the court room: Miraslau Lazouski, Victar Danilau and Andrei Komlik-Yamatsin.