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Russian First Channel passes Belarusian off as ‘disappointed’ Ukrainian? (video)

Photo: First Channel, screenshot

The Russian First Channel could pass a Belarusian off as ‘a disappointed Ukrainian’. “Euromaidan participant Kiril Chubenko” is Vital Yurchanka from Misnk, blogger Ilya Varlamov wrote. A young man named Kiril Chubenko was shown in a video dedicated to the anniversary of Kiev Maidan-2013. “Euromaidan has not given anything to me. Look where we are. We should have predicted the future. Now we are freezing, the energy is expensive and nobody knows when it will end. How do we survive in winter? How can we send children to school?” the young man said. At the same time nothing was said about the man’s family and place of residence – ‘the Ukrainian’ was holding a cat in the video.

He has received a letter whose author said that Chubenko is BSU graduate Yurchanka living in the military town in Minsk, Belarus and having no connection with Maidan, Varlamau reported. There were photographs of the  Belarusian in his accounts in social media and he did resemble “Chubenko” a lot. Ilya Varlamov has not managed to contact Vital Yurchanka. Furthermore, the Minsker has deleted the photos from his accounts.



Vital Yurchanka. Photo: social media