Dzmitry Shautsou / STV

Human rights activists ask the International Red Cross to condemn the statements of Shautsou.

Alyaksei Holikau / STV

"I'll be frank, I'm a proponent of unpopular, undemocratic measures to enforce order."

Belarus Foreign Ministry says it is 'checking information' about two Belarusians detained in Tunisia on suspicion of spying.

Pavel Sevyarynets/ Euroradio

Pavel Sevyarynets says he deliberately did not pay membership fees in protest to Belarusian PEN's pro-LGBT stance.


Dual power is established in the famous independent newspaper, with each side having appointed their own CEOs.

Photo: Euroradio

Russian rappers IC3PEAK's microphones were turned off in the middle of the performance


A Minsker agreed to act as a disappointed Ukrainian in a freelance video for the Russian TV.

Photo: First Channel, screenshot

“Euromaidan participant Kiril Chubenko” is Minsker Vital Yurchanka, blogger Ilya Varlamov wrote.

Alexander Petrov (reportedly alias) has tutrned out to be Russian military doctor Alexander Mishlin from the military intelligence. Photo:

Bellingcat and The Insider expose the real name of the second person suspected to have poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter.