Two Belarusians detained in Tunisia over potential espionage

У Тунісе затрымалі двух беларусаў, іх падазраюць у шпіянажы

Two Belarusians have been detained in Tunisia. They are being suspected of espionage, the news agency Tunis Afrique Presse reports. The Belarusians allegedly had on them passports of several countries -- Poland, Ukraine and Maldives. There was also mentioned "modern electronic equipment," which the detainees had. By the way, they immediately aroused suspicion: in the city of Sfax, on the Mediterranean coast, they stayed in a hotel and did not allow the staff to enter the room. They were observed for two weeks and then searched.

According to Radio Svaboda, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus "is looking into the situation" with the Belarusians in Tunisia.