IC3PEAK play underground gig in Minsk after ban

Photo: Euroradio
Photo: Euroradio

The Russian band IC3PEAK have played a concert in Minsk despite the ban imposed by the Minsk ideology officials.

The musicians were initally scheduled to to give a concert at the club Brugge, Euroradio reported. However, the city authorities annulled their permit for the concert on the grounds that the number of sold tickets exceeded the number indicated by the organizers, unofficial sources reported.

Another club took the risk of letting the Russian musicians give their concert on 13 December. 150-200 people attended it. Everything was fine at first but the musicians’ microphones were suddenly turned off after a few songs.

People started suspecting that the riot police were about to arrive but nobody was going to leave. The club guards tried forcing Nikolai Kostylyov to leave the stage. The musician refused to do it.

IC3PEAK sang There Is No More Death without audio equipment together with the present twice and left the club through the front. The audience left with them. As of 11.30 p.m. on 13 December, nobody was detained.

Check some of the photos from the concert: 


Удзень 13 снежня IC3PEAK прыйшлі ў жывы эфір Еўрарадыё