Zaika: I think EU will cross Makey out of "black list"

The famous economist was a member of the civil-consultative council of the Presidential Administration, created upon Uladzimir Makey's initiative. The council was dissolved about a year ago. According to Zaika, he then predicted that Makey would quit the Administration. However, he thought Makey would rather be an Ambassador in Vienna where there is a great stream of contacts in the framework of the OSCE. 

Zaika: "He has contacts with many ambassadors, diplomats, EU representatives, representatives of mostly Western elite. He did not stand out at the Russian vector much. I know he had meetings with leaders and responsible officials of Iran, countries of South-East Asia, China. However, his priority is the West - the Western Europe and the USA"

The EU member states are most likely to cross Makey out of their "black list", in Zaika's opinion. He thinks that Makey got to this list only due to procedural circumstances - as an executor and conductor of the state policy, not as a policy maker.