Photo of Sannikau's pardon appeal refutes Uladzimir Makey's words

Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau states that he did not admit guilt in his pardon appeal, and quotes it as it is: "I am asking you to show humanism and pardon me. I repent of what I've done".

However, head of Lukashenka's Administration Uladzimir Makey disagrees with that in the interview to the news agency BELTA, saying that all pardoned political prisoners admitted guilt. "There will be no rehabilitation under the order of the EU either. Everyone should understand this perfectly. Even those recently released former prisoners wrote in their appeals black on white that they admit their guilt and repent".

The contradiction which appeared between Sannikau and Makey was unexpectedly detected by the state TV-Channel ONT, which showed the handwriting text of Andrei Sannikau's appeal in the news. It fully coincides with the one which the former political prisoner read out at the press-conference. This means, there is not a word about admitting guilt in it.