Ales Piletski

Politician Ales Lahviniec was detained with his son when they were coming out of their block of flats in Minsk.
Ulad Kazakevich killed one and injured two women in the shopping mall Europe. He pled guilty but did not regret his deed in court.
A job has been found for him. Nevertheless, Mr. Syamyonau is planning to keep suing the state.
Most of the visitors - 16 people - arrived without a visa from Germany on the day when the 5-day visa-free regime came into force
All audio announcements in the Minsk Metro are made in Belarusian and English, effective from February 10.
If the Young Front leader does not manage to appeal law enforcement officers’ actions, his car will be sold to another person.
The leader of the Belarusian People’s Front comments on the reports about the plans to open refugee centres in Belarus.
The aquarium with a hundred fishes in the Minister’s reception room requires maintenance and fodder.
Belarus expects a 20% increase in the number of tourists after visa-free short stays are introduced.