"My father did not resist but was beaten" - Lahviniec's son

"Бацька не супраціўляўся, але яго ўсё адно білі". Як затрымлівалі Лагвінца

Ales Lahviniec was detained on March 23, his son Antos told Euroradio.

"We were coming out of our house in Kasmanautau street. Five persons ran at us. Three grabbed my dad and two grabbed me. They were not wearing uniform, aged approximately 35 with short hair cuts. I shouted. Some people tried to help us but one of the attackers pulled out his ID. His name could hardly be recognized," Antos Lahviniec says.

Several people who were in a hairdresser's shop nearby eyewitnessed the detention. "They went to the police station to file a report about kidnapping. They were told KGB has already sorted everything out and did not take the statement," Lahviniec junior says.

"When inside the police van, they stranded the dad and did not allow him to sit. They were beating him. Blood was dropping. They broke his glasses. He was not resisting but they kept beating him. They were calling him a "sell-out scum". One of them introduced himself as Aliaksandr Vasilievich. He later said he had the order and could not do much about it. I tried to defend the dad but they handcuffed me to a seat," Antos Lahviniec says.

When in the van, the police instructed the belongings of Lahviniec junior but later let him go. They also gave him his father's belongings - car keys and his driver's license. "They told me to get out of here to stay out of trouble. They left... Nobody explained us anything. I am now looking for the witnesses. Many people saw everything. Perhaps, someone recorded a video... I want them to release the dad," Antos Lahviniec says.