Investigation Committee leaves Historical Museum without a building (photo)

The National Historical Museum did not move to the Frunze Street, 19. The state leader issued a decree on transferring the building to the newly created Investigation Committee within a month. The decree is dated January 11.

Probably, the Historical Museum doesn't need the premises anymore? Its director Syarhej Vechar says to Euroradio that it's not the case. The museum keepers did not get a new building in return for the one which was taken from them.

"Of course we need premises. This I can tell you for sure. But which ones...The process has not been completed yet. Therefore...No, we hasn't got a new building yet".

Moreover, the National Historical Museum might get into an unpleasant situation very soon. The point is, a great number of its collections are stored in the Great Patriotic war museum, which is to be transferred to other buildings in the near future. 

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"We will need premises. A series of our funds are stored in specialized premises, we need some place where we could work with these collections normally. I think we'll figure something out, but until then...".

The reconstruction of the building in the Frunze Street is in full progress. Besides, the signs still say that the building belongs to the Historical Museum. However, it is already prohibited to take pictures or video-film the building.

Euroradio has also checked whether the regional investigation committees got separate buildings, too. It turned out that the new structure got located mostly in the old buildings of the departments of internal affairs. They only changed the signs on the doors.

"We have allocated a separate block for them in the building of the department of internal affairs. They have 27 employees", - representatives of Maladechna district department of internal affairs tell us.