Catholics ask bishops to hold a brief for political prisoners

Dozens of Catholics are asking bishops to hold a brief for political prisoners. The appeal has been sent to cardinal Kazimir Svyontak, Archbishop Martsin Vidavich, bishops Alyaksandr Kashkevich, Antoni Dzyamyanak, Uladzislau Blin and Kazimir Velikaselts.

"We are asking You, dear pastors, not to remain indifferent to the rude violation of the law, norms of justice and human rights in our country”, - is said in the appeal.

"We understand that the current situation in our country is too difficult to settle using human power only. But, as Jesus said, “God can do the things people can’t”. That is why we are urging You to pray for our country so that God could help us stop the lawlessness and violence and to restore justice and peace. We are urging You to pray for those who have power now so that they would repent and stop the injustice. We are urging You to pray for the Belarusian people so that people would not be afraid to listen to their conscience in the difficult and dangerous situation with the help of the Holy Spirit instead of obeying “this world’s” rules”.

We are begging You to make all the possible efforts to restore justice and peace in our country”, - say the authors of the appeal.

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