BSEU on foreign students: "They should write and speak"


The conditions for admission of foreigners in the Belarusian universities are as follows:  the over-three degree in the certificate and good knowledge of Russian.


"This is in accordance with the five-point system. If he has a bad certificate - why should we invite him here? The applicants are also interviewed on three major subjects, "- they say in the Belarusian State University.


This year, according to Deputy Chief of the International Relations of the BSU Valery Bobyshau, Belarusian universities and colleges have admitted over 400 students from Turkmenistan.


According Euroradio’s information, over 600 Turkmens study in the BSU, and this is a quarter of all foreign students in the biggest higher educational establishment.


The Belarusian State Economic University recruits 250 foreign students, the number has increased by 50 people.  They also focus on their knowledge of the language.


"It is important that they should write and speak. Second, they should know math. Last year, half of the foreign students dropped out, and this year - only 20%. The Chinese, for example, are well aware of the math, but they have problems with the language. And the Turkmens do not know mathematics "- they told in the BSEU.


The BNTU welcomes foreigners with the over-four degree in the school certificate. They also need to get 4 points at the interview.


Foreigners pay more for education in the Belarusian universities than Belarusians. They also pay more for the hostels but they also have more chances to get a place there.