Bike ride in memory of Joseph Bulak–Balachowicz takes place in Podlasie

The route was not an accidental choice. It is known that the Soviet agents killed Joseph Bulak–Balachowicz in June, 1923 on the way between Hajnówka and Białowieża. The participants of the ride visited his grave and the cross installed at the place of death of the fighter for the Belarusian independence.

The bike ride was traditionally organized by the "Belarusian National Memory". This is the second ride conducted in memory of Joseph Bulak–Balachowicz. The first one took place back in 2010.

Let us remind you, Joseph Bulak–Balachowicz  is the brother of General Stanislaw Bulak-Balachowicz, a famous anti-bolshevist fighter in 1918-1920s. Joseph served in the military formations under his leadership.