PM Rumas: Belarus submits fresh proposals to Russia on oil supplies

Belarusian Prime Minister Siarhei Rumas / BELTA

Belarus has presented to Russia new proposals on oil supplies and the Russian side has taken them, Belarusian Prime Minister Siarhei Rumas told reporters on 11 March after meeting with his Russian counterpart Mikhail Mishustin in Moscow. Mr. Rumas' comments were published on Facebook by his press secretary Aliaksandr Isayeva.

“Indeed, the situation has changed recently, oil prices have plummeted. This is why the Belarusian side presented new proposals for oil companies, which the Russian side accepted and promised to consult with the oil companies within the next few days and give an answer. At first glance, these proposals were not rejected by the Russian side. I think we will be able to secure progress in resolving the oil dispute,” Siarhei Rumas said.

But even oil supplies from Russia are back to normal, Belarus will continue to purchase at least two tankers of alternative oil every month, BELTA state news agency quotes Mr. Rumas as saying.

Oil supplies to Belarus from Russia halted on 1 January 2020 after Minsk and Moscow failed to reach a new deal for oil supplies in 2020.

Since January, Belarus has bought oil from the Russian group of companies Safmar. Supplies from five other smaller Russian suppliers are expected in March. Belarus has also purchased oil from Norway and Azerbaijan.

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