Opposition youth leaders sentenced to 15 days of arrest

Young opposition politicians Pavel Seviarynets and Aliaksej Shein, detained in the evening on Monday, today were tried in a Minsk court and sentenced to 15 days of arrest, youth activist Barys Garetski told the European Radio for Belarus.

“When police detained them, they found leaflets calling to come to the opposition-staged action on July 27. The court found them guilty of disseminating leaflets that called on the public to take part in an unauthorized event,” Garetski said.

In another development, the Central District Court in Minsk today sentenced Alexander Charnyshou to 15 days of arrest. He was charged with minor hooliganism. Another youth activist Valiamcin Sakalouski received the same sentence. Police said that the youngsters were allegedly found talking dirty language and waving hands.

At the same time, Siargej Kliueu was found guilty by the Sovietski District Court in Minsk of disseminating leafleats that called on the members of the public to join the opposition rally on July 27. He was sentenced to 10 days of arrest.