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Mikhalevich: I did not sign travel restriction note but I was still released


Despite the fact that Ales Mikhalevich refused to sign the travel restrictions note, he was released from the police station in Astravets. This ex-presidential candidate told the Euroradio, once he left the building of the local police department.

Ales Mikhalevich: "They sent a paper from Minsk replacing the detention conditions: "Considering the fact that that at the moment there is no further need for the accused Mikhalevich A.A. to remain in custody..." And I has just been released with a note of travel restrictions, even though I refused to sign the paper. At the moment I'm in Astraviets at the station trying to leave for Minsk."

According to the politician, the fax from the Investigative Committee says nothing about why so suddenly the investigation "no longer has a need to hold Mikhalevich in custody." He was not told anything about the need to get registered when he returns to Minsk - at the Investigation Committee or with the district policeman. However, the politician noted the fact that in spite of his release, he is still a defendant in the case of the riots that took place on 19 December 2010. However, the politician said he did not have a minor thought about leavinggoing not to Minsk, but in the opposite direction.

Photo: Facebook of Yuras Hubarevich