Major goes against police and takes the side of drunk Minsk inhabitants


Any alcoholic beverages except vodka will be sold in shops on Independence Day. On the eve of the holiday the police proposed to forbid selling alcohol after 6 p.m. on July 3. Last time spirits were “locked up” on the graduation day. Mayor took the side of Minsk dwellers this time.
Despite of the fact that heads of some districts insisted on forbidding the sale of low-quality alcohol, the Mayor of Minsk Mihail Paulau noted that “all bans were a dead end”. Local authorities should better prepare an entertainment programme that would make Minsk inhabitants forget about any alcohol.

Minsk City Executive Committee’s press centre referred to the department of consumer market and informed ERB that all alcoholic beverages except vodka will be available in shops:

“Vodka will not be sold during the holidays. But there will be no problems with buying cognac, beer or wine”.

The police are going to accept a plan of their work during the mass celebration. Thus, it will be decided what is going to happen to those who will drink too much while celebrating the Independence Day.

The agency Minsk-Naviny informs that the Mayor simply went against the police and told them not to do anything bad to people who “abuse a little bit”: “Even if somebody drinks too much, the person remains our citizen and nobody gives you the right to insult them. The rule should be followed not only during holidays, but on any other day too”.