Lyabedzka: UCP and Haidukevich’s party cannot cooperate

Head of a UCP regional affiliate Alyaksandr Vauchanin and head of a regional affiliate of the LDPB Alyaksandr Pilipchuk signed a cooperation agreement on June 19, Euroradio reported. They planned to cooperate in the social sphere.

“We are at different poles, Haidukevich is the leader of a pro-government party and our party is an opposition one. There can be no agreements,” UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka told “Mr. Vauchanin signed it but neither the UCP Council not his deputies knew about the initiative. The agreement is a rude violation of our statute. The Council will discuss the issue tomorrow.”

Special services trying to split the opposition party before the future presidential election may be active in the regions, Lyabedzka assumed. Lyabedzka will be the UCP candidate at the next presidential election.