Anatol Lyabedzka

Anatol Lyabedzka / Euroradio file photo
Anatol Lyabedzka / Euroradio file photo
Opposition activist Anatol Lyabedzka says there are many reasons to dismiss the current head of Central Election Commission.
UCP chairman Anatol Lyabedzka previously stated on numerous occasions he would not seek re-election for the tenth term.
Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video.
The video of the politician’s detention is available.
It is not clear who will apply for the action. UCP will suggest that other opposition structures supported the idea.
Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka has decided not to run for MP.
The opposition politician’s phone number was blocked on April 29 when law-enforcement officials arrested the money on his account.
A Minsk court found UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka guilty of violating the procedure of mass events organization.
His phone account was blocked not long ago.
The leader of the United Civil Party has reported the news on Facebook.