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Brest police: Lyabedzka was detained for driving without a license (video)

Screenshot from video.

Brest Region Traffic Police has officially commented on the detention of the opposition United Civil Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka

Zhabinka District driving inspectors stopped a Volkswagen Jetta near the village of Bulkava on February 9.

 "The driver ignored the inspectors’ demand to show the car papers and his driving license. The inspectors explained the consequences of the disobedience to him numerous times.  He was also warned about the possibility of using physical force,” the Brest police noted.

The police also added a video showing Lyabedzka. It can be seen that Lyabedzka did not refuse to show his documentst hough he did not hand them to the inspectors either. 

Anatol Lyabedzka was detained and taken to the Zhabinka District Police Department. As it turned out, his driving license had expired in the spring of 2017.

Two administrative offence reports were drawn up against the UCP leader – for driving without a license and disobedience to a police officer. His car currently remains in an impound lot. 

Anatol Lyabedzka’s trial has been postponed until February 23, following Lyabedzka's motion.