Lukashenka personally chose singers for Belarusian Olympic sportsmen

The Olympics-2008 may become the best event in Anya Sharkunova’s life. The singer even had to cancel a few concerts in Belarus in order to get to Beijing. Four other singers will go to support our sportsmen in China with her – girls from “Verasy”, Victoria Aleshka and Janette. ERB has found out that the girls were chosen by the President.
An entertainment centre will function in “The Belarusian House” during the Olympics in Beijing. It is the first time singers have been included in the Belarusian Olympic delegation. ERB has decided to find out who chose the lucky ones and how.

It turned out that the National Olympic Committee had nothing to do with the selection of singers. Neither had the Ministry of Culture. The press attaché of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus Pyotr Rabuhin does not even know which singers have left for the Olympics in Beijing:

“I do not know who they are because I live in the Olympic village and they seem to be living in town… separately… because I have not seen anyone here and I do not know anything… Ask the Ministry of Culture, we did not select them… We only selected sportsmen”.

However, it turned out that the Ministry of Culture did not know anything about the selection either. We received the list of “cheerleaders” in the Youth Variety Theatre. Its art director Vasil Rainchyk is in Beijing together with the singers now:

“Janette, Anya Sharkunova, girls from “Verasy” and Victoria Aleshka. Only these singers - five girls”.

According to an employee of the theatre, singers were chosen for the Olympic Games by the President:

“It was a request of the leader of the state”.

Sharkunova’s producer Uladzimir Kubyshkin was very glad at her success. Vasil Rainchyk informed him that Anya would go to Beijing:

“Vasil Paytrovich Rainchyk phoned me… I do hope that the fact the Anya has left to support our sportsmen during the Olympics coincides with their desire to see her there”.

Uladzіmіr thinks that the presence of Anya at the Olympics is an event comparable to the Games themselves:

“I am very glad because of Anya’s opportunity.  It is a great event – the Olympics and Anya’s presence there”.

Sharkunova’s producer is not embarrassed by the fact that some concerts had to be cancelled because of the trip to the Olympics. There may not be any other opportunity of the kind, he says:

“Of course we had to refuse some offers knowing about the trip and its terms… But it is worth it because the Olympics may become Anya’s best experience in life and she understands it”.

By the way, Anya loves sport. She would like to become a professional in the future, says Uladzimir Kubyshkin:

“Anya is a really good swimmer, really good! She loves sport very much. She has recently started attending skating classes and will probably start playing tennis in autumn because she wants to live in sport, not beside it”.

Well, Anya Sharkunova has already managed to take part in these Olympic Games. However, her participation is limited to supporting sportsmen now.

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