Lukashenka: Belarus not to change its state policy

Лукашэнка заявіў, што не будзе змяняць курс беларускай дзяржавы

Alyaksandr Lukashenka conducted a meeting dedicated to urgent economic development issues on Tuesday, January 26. He sees no reason to change the policy of the Belarusian state, he said. The government is setting a number of goals that require decision-making from him, Lukashenka noted. The President has to spend weeks to think them over.  

"I am asking you to stick to the policy that we promised to the people during the pre-election campaign,” BELTA quotes Alyaksandr Lukashenka. “We must not lie to people. Otherwise, we would be conducting so-called reforms for ourselves and they will be turned down by the people. It may make citizens doubt and destabilize the situation. Then we would need much more money to restore controllability than we need now to pay foreign debts.”  

It seems that the government is requesting important reforms needed to get a credit from the IMF.