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Loan debt of Belarusians rises to 12 bln BYN


The loan debt of Belarusians has reached a record level: on June 1, it amounted to 12 billion 371.5 million BYN, the National Bank wrote in its statistical report. This includes consumer loans, housing loans and cars, as well as installment card loans.

Six months ago, in November 2018, the total debt crossed the threshold of 11 billion rubles. The mark of 10 billion rubles was overcome in June 2018. Thus, Belarusians borrow an additional billion rubles every six months in banks. It goes on despite the restrictions imposed by the National Bank last year. Then it was decided that the loan load should not exceed 40% of the income declared by the borrower.

In May, the debt increased by 190.9 million million, in April -- by 207.9 million, in March -- by 145.6 million.

The National Bank has previously assumed that it could introduce new restrictions, if the rate of lending increases. But so far, there are no plans to change the debt load instruments.