Belarusian artists refuse to go to Tianjin

A ballet troupe from the Musical Theatre has been in China since July 31. They have already visited several Chinese cities. The Belarusian artists have to give three performances in Tianjin – the city where a warehouse containing dangerous cyanide exploded several days ago.

The majority of the actors have refused to go there because they think that it is dangerous for life. The theatre is 60 kilometres away from the port. The Chinese organizers did not tell them anything about the blasts and they learnt it from relatives in Belarus and Japan, ballet dancer Kseniya Stankevich told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Only a few dozen people have gone to Tianjin. The Chinese organizers have threatened them with return tickets annulment and added that they would not give the scenery back, the artists said.

The artists’ Belarusian relatives turned to various organizations but they all said that there was no state of emergency in China and that it was impossible to explain the refusal by force majeure. Relatives should send money to the artists, the embassy replied. They will also have to buy tickets to reach Beijing.

Meanwhile, the troupe is performing according to the schedule in China, the Musical Theatre reports.