No mass mourning at Jewish memorial due to world ice hockey championship

The message has appeared in Minsk Jewish Community House. Normally, about 300-400 people take part in the ceremony. They commemorate Minsk ghetto victims there.

The city authorities explained that they would not be able to provide security at the ceremony becasue the police and medics would be busy working at the World Ice Hockey Championship, executive director of the Union of Belarusian Jewish Associations Ina Byazdzerzhskaya told Euroradio.  

Byazdzerzhskaya: "Nothing will be blocked. You can come and lay flowers in the Pit. You do not have to organize a meeting for it! They consulted us… They asked us politely: understand us please, the situation in the city on May 9 will be special.”

An organized ceremony may be held in the Pit on July 3 or on some other day, Byazdzerzhskaya said.

Photo: social networks