IIHF World Championship 2014 in Minsk

The Belarusian special services and their foreign colleagues worked together to prevent it. (VIDEO)

The International Ice Hockey Federation rakings have changed after the world championship in Minsk.

The 78th 2014 Ice hockey World Championship ended in Minsk on May 25.

Our team scored 20 goals and missed the same number. The top goal-scorers are Hrabouski, Syarhei Kastsitsyn, Stsyapanau and Platt.

Minsker Yan attended a match of the world hockey championship and has already spent a week in hospital. He has a double skull fracture caused by a puc

582032 people have already attended hockey matches in Minsk and Chyzhouka Arenas (including the yesterday’s quarterfinals).

Four quarterfinal matches of the World Ice Hockey Championship will be played today.

The man was 53 years old.

Team Belarus will play Sweden in the quarterfinals on Thursday.