Highest-paid Belarusian gamer: I quit playing, looking for job now

Euroradio has interviewed cyber-sportsman Cypher who made it to ettop-100 of high-paid gamers of the world at the age of 23 by playing Quake.

Euroradio: How many hours a day did you play when you started?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: I started playing professionally at the age of 16. I had a team that paid me and I treated it like work. I played as much as possible, at least five hours a day. And I played only five times a week last year. I have quit. I am 23 and I think I have already dedicated too much time to it and there is no sense to continue. There are few tournaments now and little money is being allocated.

Euroradio: Why did you start playing?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: I was 8 when the game was out. My brother was the champion of Belarus, and I kept playing and thinking about it all the time.

Euroradio: Did you make much money on it?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: It differed. I made good money. About 1 thousand dollars every month. I graduated from university a year ago. My profession is economics and enterprise administration. I have stopped playing Quake and I’m looking or a job now. I have money but it will be gone soon. I had a few job offers. They wanted me to comment on games but I hate cameras. I would love to be a manager in cyber sports.

Euroradio: Have you managed to buy a flat and a car?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: I have a car. You get the money only six months after the championship. So it is hard to save. I tried to be independent from my parents and pay for my education. I have not managed to buy a flat. I bought my first car 3 years ago – an Opel 1999. I wanted to replace it later but couldn’t.

Euroradio: Did you have spare time when you played much?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: I did not have friends when I played. I was constantly playing, I was away very often. I have been to many countries. The situation has changed and the games are no longer an obstacle.

Euroradio: Didn’t you have problems with girls?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: Thank God, I had no problems. I was dating a girl for a long time. Unfortunately, we broke up.

Euroradio: What are your hobbies now?

Alyaksei Yanusheuski: I like sports. I jog. And keep myself in good shape. I like music; I can play the guitar and piano (I have musical education). I am not in a band. I thought about it but did not find any like-minded people. To be honest, I do not think that I am talented enough for it.

Photo: social networks