EU court rules to keep Belarus official on 'black list'

The court on September 23 ruled to reject the lawsuit filed by the deputy chairman of Belarus' Central Elections Commission Vadzim Ipatau who sought to cross his name out of the travel-ban list of the European Union. The case file says that Ipatau was put on the 'black list' by the Council of the EU on the grounds that as a deputy chair of the Central Elections Commission he "bears responsibility for having violated the international electoral standards during the December 19, 2010 presidential elections in Belarus."

The court ruled Ipatau's rights were not violated when he was subjected to sanctions, while the Council of the EU managed to provide sufficient evidence that his being on the black list was justifie, reports Belapan.

Euroradio reminds that the EU court today removed a Belarusian journalist from the sanctions list. The journalist is ONT staffer Aliaksei Mikhalchanka.

Photo: Fotolia