Lukashenka dismisses judge infamous for Square 2010 verdicts

House of Justice in Minsk / Yandex

Under Decree No209 dated May 31, 2019, Alyaksandr Lukashenka dismissed two judges for their faults incompatible with the public service.

Tatsiana Charkas has been fired from the position of the head of Minsk's Partyzanski District Court. Alyaksandr Shylin is no longer the judge of Hrodna Region's Svislach District Court.

Charkas is on the European Union’s travel-ban list following the trials of participants of Square 2010 protests in 2011. In particular, it was Charkas (she worked at Minsk's Frunzenski District Court back then) who sentenced opposition activist and presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau's spokesman Alyaksandr Atroshchankau to 4 years in prison.

46 judges were subjected to responsibility for disciplinary violations, six judges lost their positons and one judge was subjected to criminal responsibility in 2018, quotes head of the Supreme Court Valyantsin Sukala.