EU blacklists

House of Justice in Minsk / Yandex

Tatsiana Charkas is no longer the head of a district court in Minsk for the deeds incompatible with the public service.

The CEC chairperson has visited the Louvre and the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge.

Lidziya Yarmoshyna who chairs the Central Election Commission in Belarus comments on her roughly $1100 salary.

Belarus' election authority chairwoman can now enjoy some holidays in the EU after the sanctions are temporarily dropped.

Polish passport control service let him in by mistake.

Among them are not only former but current officials, university rectors, judges.

She will take part in an OSCE conference on July 20.

The European Union lifts sanctions against 7 Belarusian companies that belong to businessmen Chyzh, Tarnauski and Peftsiyeu.

Political scientist Andrey Yeliseyeu expressed this opinion in an interview with Euroradio.