Belarus CEC chairwoman reveals her pension, salary figures

Ярмошына атрымлівае 3,2 млн пенсіі і 17 млн заробку

Lidziya Yarmoshyna has commented on the size of her pension and salary. Her pension is Br3.2 million because she is still working, she told When she retires, the pension will be different. Yarmoshyna does not know the exact sum. “When I have the right to get it, I will ask for it and it will be given to me. My pension will total 65% of my salary. In any case, I will be getting an official’s pension and it is bigger than the ordinary pension,” she said.


She makes 20 million roubles in gross earnings and gets about 17 millions, the CEC chairperson said.


Lidziya Yarmoshyna is going to visit Italy together with her son. It will be possible because the European Union lifted sanctions from her in October.

Photo: Euroradio