Diamos Roll. “Rosecode”


He has collected
the tracks out of 200 and created the fist mini-album “Rosecode”.

111228 Agljadacha.mp3

could listen to the new songs by Diamos Roll (Zmitser Litvinovich) after the performance
given by British Emika in RE:Public on December 17.

Emika is
not mentioned accidentally. Zmitser is a fan of the Ninja Tune label and dated the
release of his first album to the arrival of the ninja-star. However, “the black
lady’ drew all the attention and some people did not notice Daimos’ new album.

will solve the problem! We are going to describe the new album with the help of
the musician.

“I thought
about releasing my own music in July. I have about 200 tracks and I have chosen
5 of them” – said Zmitser to Euroradio.

Let us
listen to them:

The first
track is Jazz Instinct — the latest track composed in an hour and a half due to

Roll: “It was like jazz, I raised my hands and wrote something at home. That is
why the composition is called “jazz instinct” - something that every musician should

The second
song is Last Night — it was recorded with the help of singer Rusya.

It was written
for the contest announced by the lable Tru Thoughts (you had to make a mix):

Roll: “I have noticed that 90% of the contests organized by European musicians
are all about marketing. None of the contests I took part in finished - their participants
did not get anything”.

The next track
is— Triple Strike.

“I have
plenty of melancholic tracks but this one is very energetic, there are drums and
many beats – double, triple and quintuple”. The singer is Daimos but he changed
the voice to sound like a child’s voice because he did not like the initial

The fourth
sweet track is Caramel — a dubbed version. “I like contradictions. I mixed
electronic arrangement and Rusya’s vocal “caramel” there. ”

The last
song is Milk Code. The track was written when Daimos composed music for the performance
“Balzaminov’s Wedding” in Mahilyou Theatre – he made classical sketches with the
help of electronic music.

“It made me
used classical music in my tracks later”, - said Daimos.

This is
what the mini-album is like. By the way, all the tracks were recorded by Daimos
at home. He only used a computer, a microphone and a keyboard. The album was
published by the Ukrainian label Ultra Vague Recordings. You can download the album
for free. Only friends can expect to get the disc as a Christmas present.

Time will
show what the album’s future will be like but Daimos has a good premonition.
His notebook switched off because water that was dripping on it from the roof
of the club “Republic” during the performance. He had to borrow his discs presented
to Emika to finish the set and his keyboard instruments were stolen afterwards.
“You have to be ready
for everything. It had to happen and it was a good sign” – believes Daimos.