Concert of Belarusian-Lithuanian friendship takes place in Vilnius (photo)


A concert of Belarusian-Lithuanian solidarity took place in a Vilnius bar PoGo – a boy band from Belarus and a girl band form Lithuania performed there.
The bands were: In GVK is “a very young” (it was written in the press release) funk band from Vilnius consisting only of girls and a Minsk boy band HandMadE. See below for photo report about solidarity and gender balance.

Girls from In GVK were indeed “very young” as the youngest was 14 and the others were fifteen years old. The friends got acquainted at school. It is well-known that many stars began their career in school bands like that – however, it is not clear how the girls manage to pass the ID control in the clubs where they perform :)
Members of the Belarusian band HandMadE play reggae and sing most of their songs in Belarusian and Russian. They have problems speaking English but they still manage to do it and they seem to love verses of their friend Hleb Labadzenka.
It is not the last meeting of Belarusian and Lithuanian musicians: the United Centre for Belarusian initiatives is going to organize similar events every month. Furthermore, a Belarusian-Lithuanian festival where every country will be represented by 8 bands is also planned.

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