CEC classifies lists of election commission members 'for security reasons'

At a polling station / from the Euroradio archive
At a polling station / from the Euroradio archive

Central Election Commission has classified the lists of election commission members. It was done "for security reasons," reports the Polish TV channel, specializing in Belarus's news.

Minsk resident Liubou Kavalchuk shared the information about the CEC decision with the journalist ts. She tried to find out who would work at the commission at her polling station during the referendum. She asked the Pershamaiski district commission, but they could not answer her question.

Then she called the CEC hotline. They confirmed that Article 34 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus had not been canceled. According to this article, the names of all members of election commissions must be published. However, according to the CEC representative, it was decided not to publish their personal data "for security reasons. " The CEC explained this because members of the commissions "received threats."

Liubou Kavalchuk also tried to clarify who decided not to publish lists of election commission members. She was told it was a "collegial decision" of the state bodies. However, they refused to say which bodies decided to keep the lists secret.

Earlier, members of precinct election commissions (PECs) organized a flash mob "#weafr id. They said that they had been receiving threats. Later it emerged that these letters could contain appeals not to violate the law, as well as a list of articles and responsibilities that can be incurred for it.

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