If Lukashenka dies, who will take power? Here's what law says

Aliaksandr Lukashenka during military exercises / AP
Aliaksandr Lukashenka during military exercises / AP

Lukashenka did not look very cheerful at the May 9 parade in Moscow, then hurried back to Minsk, and in the evening, he even refused to give a speech. In addition, a bandage on his arm, photographed by Russian correspondents, raised many questions. This led to heated discussions among Belarusians, including the quite reasonable (but so far not quite realistic) question: who will take power if Lukashenka dies?

Лукашенко умирает — кому достанется власть? Объясняем, как должно быть по закону
Kachanava - to the left from Lukashenka / BelTA/Reuters

If everything happens strictly according to the Constitution, Kachanava will have to perform the duties of the head of state - of course, if she is still the speaker of the Council of the Republic at that time. 

Kachanava becomes president, and then what?

Since we're already imagining that the constitution will be implemented in Belarus, Lukashenka will suddenly disappear and Natallya Kachanava will take his place, the question arises: what will happen next, how long will she rule?

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