BelNPP construction workers on strike over unpaid wages

Сколько зарабатывают на строительстве БелАЭС
BelNPP / Reuters

On August 15, several dozen Russian workers from the BelNPP construction site gathered at the main square of Astravets with a demand to pay their salaries for the last two months of work. Their employer allegedly had no money. The strikers said they had come to Belarus to earn big money promised by their employer. How much are workers paid at the construction of the Belarusian NPP?

The workers said they had got the job through the Russian company "Stroyinvestproekt". At the same time their work passes had another Russian company, "Sezam" JSC, marked on them.

This company posted a series of vacancies on the local Astravets website on July 25. There you can find welders, foremen, installers and engineers. Most of the vacancies promise a salary of 1,000 rubles.


Сколько зарабатывают на строительстве БелАЭС

Other companies working at the BelNPP construction site promise even higher salaries. "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" promises a salary of 1,800 rubles to an external pipeline installer, welder or head of department. 

The representative office of LLC "Trust RosSEM", also engaged in the construction of nuclear power plants, promises the chief engineer a salary of not less than 1,800 rubles.


Сколько зарабатывают на строительстве БелАЭС

It turns out that the builders are attracted by the promises of large earnings at a seemingly serious facility construction site. But in the end they do not get paid for several months. And if this is true, where is the guarantee that they do their work properly?