Aleksey Karpeka

Thanks to the 'Pandora Papers', it has become finally clear who is behind the 'Zimbabwe project' in Belarus.

Belarus seems to have finally buried an ambitious project to build a port on the Dnieper River near the border with Ukraine.

A power plant, an agro complex, machinery supplies, and a "dry port" -- what else?

Can you imagine a vendor voting against a customer and his own business?

A large producer of petroleum products is trying to protect itself and its counterparties.

And it stopped hiding: now Alyaksandr Myatla owns GardService. It is the name of Viktar Sheiman's close friend.

The video surveillance system provider has much more connections with the Lukashenka regime than it may seem.

Belarus' "hidden exports" to Azerbaijan in 2020 alone amounted to about $30 million.

"Predators" dispersed protesters in Minsk but something went wrong on October 4.