Belarusian who escaped from Syrian captivity returns home

The woman's relatives informed Euroradio that she arrived from Lebanon to Belarus on Saturday. Svyatlana feels good.

On Monday nights, she had a visitor from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, accompanied by policemen. They took her to the police department for interrogation.

Euroradio reminds, on august 12 there appeared a video on the internet, in which Belarusian Svyatlana Markiyanovich and Moldavian Karina Kolca confessed they cooperated with Hezbollah, reading from a paper under the gun. A month later, the women manage to escape from the captivity. According to them, they hid in the mosque and contacted the diplomats through its ... The women were transported to the city of Jounieh, Lebanon, where they worked in the entertainment club called "Cobra". Svyatlana had her documents renovated, she stayed at the Saint Gabriel Hotel all the time.

In the photo: СвSvyatlana Markiyanovich after the interrogation in Zhodzina city police