Interior ministry: Belarusian captured in Syria often worked in Lebanon

BELTA reports the woman used to go to Lebanon by herself to work at a night club there for several months. She would work there without a working visa, according to the police.

Koutun added that she had been deprived of parental rights for improper care of her child. Her 6-year-old son had been adopted by foster parents. "The moral image of this lady, as far as we know, calls for the better," added the police official.

Koutun reminded that the Belarusian Foreign Ministry was taking all the possible steps to return the woman back to her homeland. Afterward, the police will check how she surfaced in Syria, what she was doing there and what the conditions of her transportation to Syria were.

Euroradio reminds Zhodzina-born Svyatlana Markiyanovich was taken hostage by insurgents in Syria and accused of spying for the Assad regime.

Photo from social networks