Captured Belarusian’s aunt: She needs to be saved no matter what

Information about the captured Belarusian dancer appeared on August 13. A week has passed and no new information about the woman is available. The insurgents who captured Svyatlana Markiyanovich and her Moldavian friend Karina Koltsa have not demanded anything so far.

However, a Belarusian policeman commented on the Belarusian’s “dubious reputation” on August 19. Svyatlana Markiyanovich worked in Lebanon as a dancer for many years and did not even have a work visa. She refused from her child who was adopted by other people.   

“She needs to be saved no matter what kind of a person she is. But nobody is telling me anything. I have phoned the investigator today,” Iryna, Svyatlana’s aunt, told Euroradio. “They told me that they would phone me from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when they got new information. The Embassy representatives are working on it, they said. No other details are known.”

A video showing militants calling themselves representatives of the Free Syrian Army appeared on the Internet on August 13. Svyatlana and Karina were at gunpoint and confessed that they were Hezbollah spies. Hezbollah is a military grouping supporting the Syrian authorities.

A source in Damask told Euroradio: the approximate whereabouts of the hostages are known. However, the official structures are not making active attempts to save Svyatlana and Karina. It is not clear whether the girls are still alive.

According to the source, Svyatlana and Karina could be captured in Lebanon and transported to Syria. The girls could be taken for Russians which would mean a good prospect of getting a ransom.

Euroradio has tried contacting the user connected with the distribution of the video on the Internet. He is not responding.