Anhar Kochneva: Captive Belarusian video is not a fake

“They have not phoned anyone yet. They have not contacted the Embassy or anyone else,” famous Syrian journalist Anhar Kochneva told Euroradio. She is monitoring the fate of the Belarusian and Moldavian dancers captured by insurgents.

Euroradio: Experts, namely ex-Syrian military men living in Belarus at the moment, think that the video may be staged…

Anhar Kochneva: This is rubbish. The experts’ competence is questionable. This is not a fake. We have information about the captured women and we know that they are in Syria.

By the way, captured Moldavian Karina Koltsa phoned her brother after the abduction. That is why the circumstances are known. She was captured when she came to her friend Svyatlana’s place in Lebanon.

Photo: and Svyatlana Markiyanovich’s web page