Belarusian prisoner in Syria

Svyatlana Markiyanovich has already been interrogated by the police on Monday.

She and her Moldavian friend climbed down from the window while the terrorists were asleep. Then a local imam hid them in a mosque.

Neither the terrorists nor Belarusian diplomats are contacting Svyatlana Markiyanovich’s relatives.

Deputy Head of Drugs Control and Human Trafficking Department Colonel Siarhei Koutun says the Belarusian woman traveled to Lebanon before.

The abductors have put no demands three days after the video with Belarusian hostage Sviatlana Markiyanovich and her Moldovan colleague was posted.

While Anhar Kochneva is trying to save Svyatlana Markiyanovich, she shares ideas about how the young women could have been captured in Syria.

Famous Syrian journalist Anhar Kochneva (in the photo) is going to monitor the situation personally.

The aunt confirms the woman in the video is Sviatlana and shares with Euroradio about her last conversation with her niece.

The captured Belarusian’s relative has told Euroradio about her ill temper and fate.