Belarusian hostage's aunt: This is Sviatlana


“It’s her, I am sure,” Iryna Markiyanovcih who contacted with Svyatlana rather often said.

Euroradio: How did she reach Syria? There is a civil war now.

Aunt: To tell you the truth, I do not know. She usually went to Lebanon, not Syria.

Euroradio: Svyatlana says she is a spy in the video. What did she do abroad?

Aunt: This is utter nonsense. Like many other girls, she worked in hotels. She left at the beginning of May. We talked by phone once a month. We did not discuss much, Svyatlana is a loner she lives on her own.

Euroradio: What did you talk about last time?

Aunt: She said she was fine. And I said that we were oaky too.

Svyatlana Markiyanovich’s photo: social networks